How ‘Bout Tech! Episode 5!

Nick, John David, and Jacob join us for episode 5 of How ‘Bout Tech! In this episode…

  • Our take on the new iPad
  • Microsoft and online security
  • Employers requesting Facebook passwords
  • The NSA’s new spy center
  • Our favorite apps
  • …and more!

How ‘Bout Tech! Episode 4!

Nick, John David, John, and Jacob join us for episode 4 of How ‘Bout Tech! In this episode…

  • The new iPad
  • The post PC era and the “dumbing down” of Windows
  • Cellular data networks
  • Our favorite apps
  • … and more!

Apple to Announce iPad 3 in San Francisco March 7th

Multiple sources have confirmed that Apple will unveil the ipad 3 on March 7th in San Francisco. Websites The Verge and The Loop have confirmed their invitations to the event sent by Apple (I’m assuming our invite is lost in the mail.) The photo above released by Apple may give us some insight to what some of the new specs might be. An ultra sharp high-resolution display is highly anticipated, sporting a bump in pixel density. Anyone else also notice the lack of a home button? Hmmmm…

We also expect to see a big upgrade inside the iPad. Apple is expected to put a new A6 chip inside, with the only question being whether or not it will be a quad core processor. Apple’s iPad 2 only sports 512 MB of RAM, so more than likely the iPad 3 will see a big RAM upgrade and be much, much faster.

We at Howboutitshow also expect to see a big improvement in the camera. To say the camera in the iPad 2 is disappointing would be an understatement. We fully expect the new iPad to sport an HD camera, both front and back.

So what will Apple have to say on March 7th? Will the new iPad have Siri? Will Apple bring LTE to the iPad? Has Apple done away with the home button? Will Apple unveil something new? Will Apple actually send us an invite to this event? Probably not, but we little guys can dream, can’t we?

So what new features and specs do you wanna see with this new iPad? Do you want LTE, Siri, a new camera?

Check back for more updates, as HowBoutItShow will keep you updated on all the latest on the announcement of the new iPad.

How ‘Bout Tech! Episode 3!

Bryan has escaped from the in-laws to join Nick, John David, and Jacob in Episode 3 of How ‘Bout Tech! In this episode…

  • Our first computers
  • eReaders and tablets
  • Our favorite apps
  • Office for iOS rumors
  • Windows 8
  • …and more!

Headstart III-CD

Headstart III-CD the successor to the Headstart LX-CD

I honestly could not find a picture of an actual Headstart LX-CD on the internet anywhere, but I was able to find a picture of it’s successor, the Headstart III-CD, which looks almost identical. The LX-CD did in fact have a CD-ROM on it, which included Grolier’s Encyclopedia, as well as a host of other applications and video games. Harrier was a fun game I enjoyed playing on it, as well as Infiltrator. My dad also bought an assortment of 3.5″ floppy discs with various programs and games on them. He even learned that you could drill a hole in the corner of the single-density floppy discs to make them a double-density disc, capable of a whopping 1.44 MB. Pretty cool huh? I thought he was crazy at the time that he was doing that but it was years later before I actually realized what he was doing.

So the Headstart LX-CD was a capable computer. It consisted of an 8088 Intel processor, that ran at 4.77MHz, but could kick in to turbo speed 10MHz (that’s more than double the clock speed). It had 768k of ram, and some kind of a weird DOS shell that resembled a pre-Windows era GUI. I remember it well, and I even had a mouse to navigate this shell. Mavis Beacon typing was available on this computer, and I wore that program out.

So we had this computer from 1988 all the way up till around 1994.  During that time I was too into playing video games that I didn’t pay much attention to the Headstart anymore. Plus we had just moved from Redding, CA to Telford, TN and trying to get over that shock was still the focus of my attention. Making new friends wasn’t easy, and plus people didn’t like me because I was from CA. Glad those times are over.

How ‘Bout Tech! Episode 2!

Nick, John, and Jacob are back with episode 2 of How ‘Bout Tech! In this episode…

  • iPad 3 rumors
  • iPhone apps stealing contact information
  • Windows 8
  • Our favorite tech news sources
  • …and more!

How ‘Bout Sports! Episode 2!

We made it to episode 2! In this podcast, we discuss…

  • Lin-sanity!
  • TCU scandal
  • Sports coming back to Seattle
  • Football is over, but for dynasty fantasy football players, the fun is just beginning for 2012!
  • …and more!

How ‘Bout Tech! Episode 1!

Episode 1 of the How ‘Bout Tech! is here, after much waiting! This is our first episode, so please leave comments and suggestions for us, as well as topics to cover. In this episode…

  • Mac vs PC, the debate continues
  • iPad 3 / iPhone 5 predictions and wants
  • Touch enabled video games vs platform games on a touch device
  • …and more!

PC Software Essentials

Alright, so I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and have just recently found the discipline to actually do it. I have created a software essential’s list of programs that I recommend PC users download. I have received questions from lots of people over the years asking me “what kind of software do I need to load on my computer?” So, with this list, I can just point them to it and they can read it at their discretion. Plus I don’t have to repeat myself all the time!

This list is a work in progress, but it contains a list of my recommended software programs, as well as some advice on using the computer. I hope to continue updating this list and making changes to it as I receive comments and suggestions.

To download, click here

How ‘Bout Sports! Episode 1

At last, episode UNO (that’s one) of How ‘Bout Sports! Podcast. This is our world podcast premier and hope you all enjoy!

In this episode, we discuss…

  • Gisele Bundchen slightly upset
  • Superbowl XLVI
  • College basketball picks
  • Carolina blue is THE ONLY blue!